About us

Our vision and values

Nurulize is a virtual reality software developer founded in November 2013 by software development and VFX industry veterans Philip Lunn and Scott Metzger. The mission is to create disruptive applications for the emerging virtual reality revolution. Our vision is to push the envelope of creative realism while building software tools to democratize the process and broaden the market.  We are on the edge of VR content development and we are constantly iterating to improve.  At Nurulize  passion for virtual reality and computer graphics is what drives us all. We value open communication, innovation, and like to build our relationships for the long term. 

Meet the team

Philip Lunn, CEO  

Philip, with 20+ years in the computer graphics industry, founded Nurulize with Scott Metzger, a VFX luminary, to create visionary and advanced technology in the creation of photo-real real-time experiences and software tools for the coming revolution in virtual reality (VR). Philip is driven by a passion for the democratization of 3D graphics and the belief that VR will fundamentally change the way we work with computers. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been closely involved as adviser and board of directors in multiple start-ups.  In 2013, Bunkspeed, a product visualization software company he founded in 2003 and was CEO, was acquired and is now part of Dassault Solidworks.

Scott Metzger, CTO/Chief Creative

Scott is a 15 year veteran of the visual effects industry having worked at almost every major studio in Los Angeles including Digital Domain and Method Studios.  Scott’s ground breaking work in 3D scanning and real time rendering workflow serves as the foundation of Nurulize technology. As a pioneer of laser photogrammetry and environment capture techniques, Scott brings  an unparalleled knowledge of recreating photo real environments. A frequent presenter for Autodesk, Nvidia, The Foundry and others,  Scott is recognized as leader in his field.

Peter Mitev, Board of Directors

Co-founder of Chaos Group. For over a decade the flagship rendering software, V-Ray®, has set the standard for speed, quality, reliability and ease of use, and it has become the rendering engine of choice for renowned international studios.

David Karlak, Creative Director

David explores the use of virtual reality to tell story, having directed a Nurulize virtual reality experience set in the world of "RISE" which was selected by Oculus to premiere as part of the Storyscapes series at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014.  In 2010, Karlak directed the short film "THE CANDIDATE" that went on to created a huge buzz in Hollywood after the short made the prestigious Viewfinder List in 2011 and played at film festivals around the world. Following the success of "THE CANDIDATE", Karlak sold an original sci-fi pitch to Warner Brothers titled "RISE" with Roy Lee producing, and then a second original pitch titled "OUTLIERS" to 20th Century Fox with Peter Chernin producing. Karlak is attached to direct both films.  Karlak is represented by William Morris Endeavor and Underground Films.

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